What I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

Some people start blogging because they have an opinion or mindset they feel they HAVE to share with the world. Others start because they see an opportunity to make a side income, or even a full-time job out of it.

No matter the reason, blogging itself has become a mainstream tool of expression, and the accessibility to resources like open-source platforms (WordPress for example), and social media have made it easier than ever to go from idea to action as a blogger. So why is it so many people start big, but then disappear?

While I can’t speak for all bloggers, I will share what almost knocked me out of the blogosphere in the beginning, and I hope it helps some of you avoid the same pitfalls. The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Banjos & Blogs”, expected to be released in the Fall of 2018:

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Shauna "WhiskeyChick" Castorena is a freelance writer and social media marketer for Pure Rock News and Country Music News Blog, as well as the publicist for southern rock band Motortrain.