Using Video To Bridge The Digital Gap

In this day and age, it’s so easy to lose touch of the humanity behind all these keyboard warriors and armchair detectives. Messages get mixed and intentions get misunderstood. Sometimes our typing fingers get worn out before our ideas can get expressed. Either way, there’s not enough text in a qwerty keyboard to bring back the human touch when communicating big ideas over long distances the way that face to face communication can.

Yesterday I started my day with the intentional goal of testing out more “warm” means of keeping in touch with my online friends and colleagues and the results were so amazing that I’m going to share them with you, my fellow club members, as just a sampling of the ways that video technology can help you make social media.. well.. more social.

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Shauna "WhiskeyChick" Castorena is a freelance writer and social media marketer for Pure Rock News and Country Music News Blog, as well as the publicist for southern rock band Motortrain.