Lessons In Self-Love: Introducing Chamene

As I sat down to write something for the blog – for all of you, I started, restarted, deleted and tried again. My list of ideas started out almost endless, most of which were fun or sarcastic ways to express some of the sillier moments in my life. Light-hearted and quirky. Much like the way I try to present myself and hope many of you will come to see.Legendary Women’s Club member Chamene

The problem was in the last several weeks I did not feel like any of those things. Not long after brainstorming my initial list I was struck with a familiar feeling that comes and goes as it pleases. Something that I am used to at this point but have not admitted to most of the people in my life. The part of me I often hide and conceal because it is the part of me that tells me if anyone knew the real me they would not stick around.

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Chamene is a single mother, music lover, and beacon of strength in the Metro-Phoenix area.

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